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Have you ever went to an auction? I don’t go to very many, but every once in a while I come across a really good one. My mom told me about this church auction in a small Ohio town. I went to the preview and made my list. I scored tons of white dishes and I’m even keeping the ones with chips for props! After bidding and winning them a gal asked me “what in the world was I doing with all these dishes”? I told her maybe for a wedding, props for photographs and what ever else I have up my sleeve. She then proceeded to tell me their over 100 year old church had recently sorted through their old dishes and would I want them! YES, sure thing—I’ll be there right quick! Lots of them were chipped, but there was so many I could pull out the good ones once I got home. I handed her a donation for her church, I didn’t feel right just taking them. My dad told my husband–well, now you are in the dish business!

I purchased six 12′ white farmhouse style folding tables from the church basement. When I won the bid, the auctioneer asked me, “how many do you want”? All of them, yes, all six. I have learned that sometimes if things are a good deal and you are bidding against someone and they win, the auctioneer will then ask how many do you want of that item if there are multiples, they sometimes take the whole lot! So, I have learned the hard way. I also, will figure out how much I want to pay for an item and/or how high can I go. One of the parishioners, told me the tables were from the 40’s or 50’s, they are heavy duty and the way they fold is clever.

┬áThere were also 80 folding wooden church chairs and there again, once the guy won the bid he took all 80. Those went for $800.00 for 80, but, if you break it down that’s $10.00 per chair which is a really good price for neat folding chairs. {But, $800 is gulp, one big price!}

I bid on some other neat things, a flag stand, box of beautiful old religious books {a couple will go on Ebay}, a bookcase, a  vintage commercial coffee maker, and lots of neat odds and ends. Church auctions are rare according to this auctioneer. This church was closing due to declining attendance and thankfully the building and the beautiful curved pews were sold to another church that was going to move into this building.

The man in the second to last picture had moved to this area from Dayton when he was 3….he attended this church for 75 years. Love that! Faithful follower of Jesus Christ!

white plateswhite cups IMG_2700 IMG_2705


IMG_2707 IMG_2709 IMG_2711 IMG_2719


  • Melinda

    Oh my Kara, you got some amazing things!!! I actually have some plates similar to the ones you got. They will be perfect for your business!! And those ironstone pitchers, fabulous!!
    I’ve never been to an auction, but it looks like fun!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  • Jen@thecottagenest

    Those tables are divine! I have never been to an auction but so badly want to!

  • Sarah

    My heart skipped a beat at this post. Those tables are amazing. Did you happen to acquire the fans as well? I love auctions very, very much and am glad that someone with your appreciation for old things was able to rescue those tables. By the way, I acquired a huge lot of white dishes from a diner years ago and have never been sorry to have a truckload of white dishes at my disposal. I think you will have a similar experience with yours (which are much prettier than mine, by the way).

  • Judi Storm

    It breaks my heart whenever a Church closes.
    The dishes are wonderful, as well as the tables. Great score!

  • Amy

    Oh wow wow, I was going to comment on your post about Va but now i am completely distracted by this auction post that i missed!! How lucky are you!! I have never seen a church auction but you can bet i will be bursting down the door if i ever get the chance.. tho i do agree, it is a bit sad, i was glad to hear another church will be taking over. I really wish you were close by so we could team up more, those tables and dishes will be so wonderful for you to use for all your events! I love all these photos, i sit here with eyes bulging. =)

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